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Often times, I'm asked how I decided on the name of this business.  Honestly, the name, add master simply came to me, akin to an epiphany, at the time due to my online store "addmaster watches and jewelry".  The name had hit me and I thought to myself 'I like that, that's really awesome.' I mulled it over in its entirety, and it dawned on me that the name in and of itself implify of something much greater than a business name.  Add master, to me, spoke of adding a master over the product, and over life itself. Then I thought to myself, we are the master over whether we purchase a product, over our thoughts, over our decisions and actions, and over consciousness.  We had arrived at, and added, the master, which is ourselves.  

Addmaster Resources was born, since I had to learned everything form doing my logo which I took a class for. Online marketing as I learned copy-writing in the process and of course customer service from my formal job at the time and virtual assistant from other companies that I had a pleasure with working as I was younger lol.

Addmaster resources means a lot to me cause I had to work continuously to get to where I am today the passion, the love, the excitement, the joy and sweat and sleepless night of learning and perfecting my skills. I am so glad that I was able to overcome and push through so I can be of help to so many of you in the business world. I know it can be hard sometimes but with our little help you can get so far. Cause we value each of you and want you to achieve success in helping you analyze and take action against any problems your business encounter. OUR TEAM, YOUR NEED, ONE GOAL!

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I vaguely recall sitting, borderline meditating, when a thought came to me.  A flame of passion was ignited in my very soul as I gazed at the beauty and elegance of my watch and jewelry.  Then and there I told myself that I was going to market and sell aesthetically pleasing men's watches at an affordable price.  I had committed to this business endeavor when I had another epiphany. Men, as a whole, do not spend nearly as much time shopping online, or for jewelry and watches, as, say, women do.  That is where my thought process changed, and I decided to create a unisex business for majestic jewelry and watches, enter AddMaster. I sit and think about how all this came about quite often.  It is still astounding to me that all of this came about from universal epiphanies that were entirely separate from my thought process.  My dream, my vision, my goals, I am the master of each and every one, as we all are masters of our individual realities. AddMaster is symbolic of this, and the beauty of life therein.       


We are a young company driven to help achieving small business success. Our purpose is to analyze and take action against any problems your business encounter.

To deliver the best service we learn everything we can about the clients, such as their products, services, goals and target audience. We strive to work as a direct extension of your company, delivering results you can see!
Our experienced and professional team collaborates to offer the most effective marketing and fulfillment solutions that meet your goals.  We have worked with a variety of local and national companies to provide products, concepts and customer service solutions that consistently allow our clients to focus on their core competencies.

Our Vision

Our Vision as a start up company is to  help you succeed by helping you reach your goal and that is one thing that we are passionate about. 

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